Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Knights Castle HP BY VMAN

This is HP for Knights Castle. I added auto fighter to it to activate it learn all talents (ream more in Read Me) I'm really busy so i dont want to talk about it much.

Download Here

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


V-CHAT BETA V3.1 is going to be hot i am going to post a video that i made about it thats all over the internet. V-CHAT BETA V3.1 is the most correct version so I'm probably just going to work on adding stuff to it and not make newer versions. See video above

Stick RPG Complete Trainer By Ally

The old Stick RPG Trainer wasn't for the complete version, but this one is!


-Health Hack

-President Job Hack

-Item Hack

-Money Hack

-Stat Hack

-Castle Hack

-Time Renew Hack

-Day Hack

-Stop Cars

-Change Name


Download Here

Monday, March 3, 2008


Check out this new and improved version of V-CHAT. I'm sure you'll love it because it is easier to use and its better. I will be working on another one that will probably look like this but allow you up to 1000 people to connect and not just 10. I should release it soon its already done but I want to make sure that it does not fail when it goes beyond 500 people because thats when your computer needs at least DSL to handle all the people.

Download V-CHAT BETA V3.1

Sunday, March 2, 2008

New Look!

Well i saw that Teiz got this look for his blog and i liked it very much so I decided to get me one to. I might be changing it its not final yet so just wait and see.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

13 Days in Hell HP BY VMAN

This is a Hackpack for this fun shooting game. If you tried this game before you'll love the HP. Try this game out if you haven't its worth it. I like the graphics and everything so this game was made right.

Download Here

News about the blog!

I know that some of you dont see the chat box or other Widgets fully thats because IE (Internet Explorer) does not support all widgets and all sizes use mozilla firefox its more professional and easier to use. Also the chat box is now at the bottom so go to the bottom if you want to chat. Also I will start looking for some games to cheat so yeah.
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