Saturday, January 31, 2009

Castle Defender Trainer By Shadow

This is a pretty nice game i tested it... This is by Shadow he came on my chat and asked to post it so TA-DA. Anything yeah nice trainer, more hackpacks and trainers comming from me soon.

Download Here

Friday, January 30, 2009

Star Craft FA 5 trainer - by Tobi

Hey guys, I made a Star Craft Flash Action 5 trainer. I could add allot more hacks on it but they would be pointless and I guess that this is enough. I want to hear your opinions about it.
!!! I strongly recommend U NOT to play the secrets because they're scary mazes. I'm not responsible for anything U do about it! If U'll play I suggest U to be prepared and to turn down the sound.
Hope U'll enjoy it and Have fun ^_^

Download Here

Monday, January 26, 2009

More Mindless Violence trainer - by Tobi

I made a trainer for More Mindless Violence + Level Passcodes. I wold recommend U first to play the game without the hacks and without the passcodes because it's pretty fun, even at the first impression doesn't looks very interesting. Hope U'll like it ^_^

Download Here

Sunday, January 25, 2009

My New WebBrowser V1!!!

This is my all new web browser
Now you only need 1 window no more annoying tabs!!!
If you want tabs use my old game browser
and since only 1 window no start up lag!!!
Here you go ppl i spent 2 1/2 hrs on this thing...
Also, if your parents check your history, use this browser
absolutely history free so parents dont know if you played or not!!!

Instead of pop ups this has redirections every 15 mins
to stop them go to HackPacks Forums!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Tank Patrol trainer - by Tobi

I found this flash game so I thought to make a trainer for it. It's not very interesting and it's pretty simple but I hope it will entertain U several minutes. ^_^


Friday, January 23, 2009

Alpha Bounty trainer - By Tobi

I got a little bored and I made a Alpha Bounty trainer. It's nothing but I hope U'll like it. ^_^


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Warfare 1917 Trainer - By Psycho

I made this trainer really fast when I was bored so its not beatiful but the hacks work.

Download link

I hope you like the hacks and enjoy playing the game with them! :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Subscribe + Light Version of blog

If you want to subscribe or your just seeing if theres anything new on the blog you can visit if you subscribe you'll get an email everytime i post so you dont have to visit my forum a billion times per week u can just check your email. I made the FeedBurner version so i can visit my blog at school but if you dont feel like waiting for the normal one to load use that.

Forums Back Up

Its okay i gave InvisionFree support group a cookie and they gave me special personnel to help me fix it. So dont cry guys forum works good now.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Backyard Buzzling Trainer BY VMAN

This is a trainer and it does not have any Pop-up ads on it because this was a request and I dont do a lot of trainers. This is a very nice game and its been out for a long time. When it came out it was a #1 flash game for a few weeks so i recommend it.

Download Here

Sunday, January 18, 2009

SAB Trainer V3.0 BETA

Yes, I've finished the trainer! For the VIP Hacks please register for hackpacks forums...Forums Here And Pm me for the password.

Download Here

Recently Updated 1/18/09

Working on SAB Trainer - AGAIN

I've been getting bugged way to much about making a new SAB Trainer, So now you've bugged me to a point that I'm going to make one. If anyone asks me if its done, or how long it will be in the chat like they did last time I will ban you without warning. I'm sick of the noobs. If I get too many noobs asking me when it will be done, I'm going to delete the trainer and never refer to it again.

Friday, January 16, 2009

My Autoclicker!

Yes, I have made an autoclicker. It is version 1 and I might make more. If you want to use this autoclicker go to the forums for the password, because you must get the password in order to use this autoclicker. This autoclicker is an exclusive! Unlike Ally's now you can click with auto enter and it also has adjustable speeds. It also has delay and a built in tester!


Go To Forums For Password!

New Poster: Tobi

Hello! My name is Tobi. I'm new on this blog. This is the first trainer I posted:

Download Here

Bot Arena 3 HP BY VMAN

This is a very nice game and yes its a HackPack not a trainer... This game is kind of old its about 1-2 years old. Even know its old it still has pretty nice graphics engines so its not all old school. You can play it online if you dont want to download, to play it online YOU MUST have a forum account because thats the only way you can get the link to play it without download.

Play Online (Forum link)

Download Here

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Trainer Maker - By Psycho

Here is my Trainer Maker.
Its v1.0 so it wont have save option what is sad but download it and I hope you will be positivly suprised!

Download Link

Thank you!


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Territory War Online Trainer [V1.0]

Made by Ally....If you would like to get rid of the ads please register for the forums - game was hard to find variables for.

Download Here

War Machines Trainer

War Machines Trainer by psycho(me).
I hope you like it and use it well!
Download link:

Download Link

To get no ads code, go to , register and seek topic of this in trainers section.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

HackPacks now online! (hopefully)

I tried to get HackPacks online and i think i got it working... Heres the link, this is Smiley Wars HP Bronze Edition, see if all hacks work for u... Look for unlimited ammo/life, reload hack. The game does get a lot of FPS while online so when u move some weapons might not shoot, its easy to fix ill fix it if everything does fine PLEASE TEST AND VOTE!!! ONLINE MEANS NO DOWNLOADING NOT PLAYING WITH OTHER PEOPLE!

Play Smiley Wars HP ONLINE! <-CLICK

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Burger Tycoon Trainer By LoveToHax

Here it is
I spent 1 hour on it...
Its a strategy game like all of my favorites...

Download it Here

Monday, January 5, 2009

New Forum (Updates)

New forum is almost ready, all theres left to do is post some stuff and make ranks. Everyone please register you'll get a lot of stuff that i cant post on the blog like free movies, software, computer help, VIP files, trainer passwords, and other stuff. Register make some fun posts and prove that your not a noob and ill MOD you since im looking for MODS.


Forum Info

This is just a quick newsflash about how our forum got banned from hacking content. We know this so you don't have to inform us. We have just started making a new forum, and we are going to work as fast as possible, they will probably be done within the hour. These forums are payed for advertising, for we are sure the forum will not be banned, so we payed for advertising, which will get us possible thousands more members to populate the forum. Sorry for the inconvenience - New forums:

Visit the new forum (Still working on it!)

Sonny 2 HP BY VMAN

Everyone is getting addicted to Sonny 2 so i made an HP for it. I might make a v2 if i find anything really good that i would like to add. Sonny 2 is a great game you can play it for hours and still enjoy it. Its a VERY BIG game, the game is about 21MB. Usually all flash games are arround 3-5MB but this one is a lot bigger and more fun. Try it out i recommend this game, and its the best flash game in the world (at time of post). And yes if you noticed i am posting at 5:00A.M., i couldnt sleep so i finished the HP really fast, its gona take a lot of coffee to get me through school now...

Download Here

If you still dont get how to open HP's i put a TUT on forums:
See tutorial

Friday, January 2, 2009

Register Button Missing?

Yes, you heard right, the register button was missing on the forums and VMAN is fixing it so don't worry. He will have it up soon but for now, here are the directions there:
1.) Click Login
2.) Click Register
3.) Register!

Or for those of you who are to lazy

Body Ladder Trainer

I've decided to make a body ladder trainer, was very lazy though and it could have been better. But either way...Enjoy! To get rid of ads for this trainer please register for the forums and you will receive the registration key.

Download Here

Game Browser By LoveToHax!

This is an internet browser, except that it has 12 tabs already open, and each one has a top 100 game site. Now you'll never get bored ever again!

Download The Browser Here

Go to Forums For the Ad Disabling Password!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

First Trainer With The Key!

As you know we put pop ups to appear in our trainers!
Yes, the passwords will be posted in the forums!

This is a Mastermind World Conqueror Trainer, and it should suit you well. This trainer is pretty simple and it has all the things you need to win.

Download Mastermind World Conqueror Trainer

Go to Forums!

BTW This is by LoveToHax
And it was posted by me too

New Registration Key on All Trainers!

As LoveToHax was saying we're adding ads to all trainers and you will have to enter a registration key you will get in your email when registering to our forums...We both made a beta and we think we will use my version because its more pro ;)...If you want to try it its right below...Please keep in mind the key I gave you there will not nor EVER be the registration key so don't bother keeping it..

Try It Here!


Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know that a lot of people have been talking about restoring the forum so I decided to do it. Visit the forum and register there you can ask for help if you need something or just hang with people and have fun so join today!

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