Monday, January 5, 2009

Sonny 2 HP BY VMAN

Everyone is getting addicted to Sonny 2 so i made an HP for it. I might make a v2 if i find anything really good that i would like to add. Sonny 2 is a great game you can play it for hours and still enjoy it. Its a VERY BIG game, the game is about 21MB. Usually all flash games are arround 3-5MB but this one is a lot bigger and more fun. Try it out i recommend this game, and its the best flash game in the world (at time of post). And yes if you noticed i am posting at 5:00A.M., i couldnt sleep so i finished the HP really fast, its gona take a lot of coffee to get me through school now...

Download Here

If you still dont get how to open HP's i put a TUT on forums:
See tutorial

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