Friday, February 13, 2009

Sab Pro Hack V2 - By Psycho


Version 2 of my SAB Pro Hack!
I hope you enjoy it!

SAB Pro Hack V2 - By Psycho Download Here

Name change hack(only for you) -Let you change your name what you want
Name color hack(only for you) -Let you change your name coulr what you want
No wall's - Makes the screen black and allows you to walk everywhere!
Reload Hack - No need to reload
God mod - You cant die
Other God Mod - Other ppl cant shoot you...
Speed hack - Let you set your speed
2 other speed hack - Makes you really fast
Anti-Kick - You cant get kicked Fixed, no more errors!
Anti-Lag - You cant get lagged out
No Sensor - You cant say anything in game(ect. shit,piss,ass,fuck)
No warning from rapid clicking Hack - You can click mouse 1000 times before you get that rapid clicking warning
Player ID changer - You can change your players id
Clone - Clone what follows you
Round Time(only for you) - You can change round time
Skate on ice - Like you would running on ice in rooms made of bouncing gum...
Weapon Hack - Let you select your weapon(After new patch may not do damage! :()
65 rank hack(visual) - Makes you look like 65 ranked
"Jump hack"/Escape - Use arrows to jump long distances
Show player ID's - You see other players id's and stuff...
Teleport - Character teleports to exat point of mouse
Fake Lab Pass - Just see what it do... You cant buy pets :(
Visual Credit Hack - Not real credits
Spawn where you die - You spawn where you died when you respawn
No pirate screen - Not sure does this work! Try your self!
And Force Load/Reload - Loads the game again

Weapon hack hotkeys are F1-F12 + Q(Weapons may not do damage for new patch!). Jump hack hotkeys are arrows. Teleport ON key is F and Off is G!

I hope you like it!!!

SAB Pro Hack V2 - By Psycho Download Here

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