Saturday, May 23, 2009

Choose Your 2012 trainer by Tobi

Yeah, the name says all. This game was released two days ago, and I'm the first who hacks this game. In is said that in 2012 the world will end FOR REAL. Someone made a game based on this idea. I found it pretty cool, but I wanted to have unlimited time left and unlock all the weapons by the start, so I hacked it a bit. Then I said to myself to post this trainer. I add enough hacks to make the game more fun, I made it with cool design (as all the project I made). I could add allot more hacks to it, but they would be pointless. If any of U wants more hacks for it, just meet me on the chat box and let me know. OK? ^_^

Hope U'll like it! Have fun! Happy Hacking! ^_^

Download Here

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