Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tobi's BlackBox Challange!!!

That's right! First time when I posted this, was available only in the forum, only to the HackPacks members. But I decided to let everybody have a chance to hack/crack it and to get a reward in the HackPacks forums that will be decided by Vman and Ally. The reward isn't officially decidet but it must be one worth it, like more posts wich will make U a better member of HackPacks. All U need to know about this is inside this project. I created this BlackBox in order to test your hacking/cracking skills. The point to this is to find out the secret code inside the BlackBox using any software. U must know that I made a random username and password so don't waste your time trying to guess them because is imposible. Once U found the secret code, register to the forum and post it in the Mission Suggestions section.
IMPORTANT: I don't want to make anyone to stay too much at computer wasting time or anything else. I made this only for testing your skills so that we will know who deserves to be a a important member of HackPacks. Therefore I'm not responsable for anything happens to U or your computer. Do this at your own risk. U can register to the forum anytime, even if U didn't beat the challange. For any other questions or anything else meet me in the chat box at the bottom of the blog. Good luck! ;)

Download Here

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