Monday, August 31, 2009

Zombie Survival Outbreak Trainer Elite - By Tobi

Some of U probably remember my Zombie Survival Outbreak Trainer. Well now I made an Elite Trainer. I fixed some bugs and I also added much more design, plus its own border and other things.

- Health
- Score
- Level
- Gun Damage
- Grenades
- Head Shot Ratio
- Knife Damage
- Kills
- Get Mech Suit
- Get NEO-Mech Suit
- Mech Suit Health
- NEO-Mech Suit

Hope U'r gonna like it! Happy Hacking ;)

>> Download Here <<

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Death Row Trainer By Th3hackz0r

Well after Fueding With ally I Thought I Might Release A Trainer For Death Row

Choose Your 2012 trainer by Tobi (UPDATED)

Like I said before, I'll update most of my projects and post them here and in the forum. I fixed some bugs and this one hack much more cool design, I also made my our border for it.
It has the following hacks:
- Infinite time
- Unlock all weapons
- Unlock all achievements
- Time left
- Score
Hope U'll like it and let me know what U think about it. Any tip or suggestion will be highly appreciated. If U want to chat with me or anyone else, U can meet me and the other members of Hack Packs in the chat box and also in the forums. Have Fun ;)

>> Download Here <<

SAB Prototype - Ally *CRUCIAL UPDATE*

Fixed the problem with the missing file, and added Radar and Anti ban, also some fixes inside the coding to reduce errors.

----> Download here <---

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Updating All The Projects - Tobi

Some of my trainers won't load that's why I need to update them and also to fix some bugs, add more hacks and add some new design plus other new stuff to them. Also I want to do the same with my programs I made and I posted here. New versions will be released. From now all my projects will be updated and posted here, on the site, and in the forum. If I miss something to update or U want to make a request feel free to ask me in the chat box. I live in a country in the SE of Europe and time is different from the others but I'm active on the chat so U could find me there. Anyways don't forget to visit more often this site because I'll be updating the projects very fast and I'll also post them very fast but 1 by 1, so make sure U don't miss any of the of them. See ya in the chat box and in the forums ;)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

SAB Prototype - Ally

My new SAB trainer. Made completely by Ally.

The little "off" text at the bottom left is the aimbot that currently isn't working and is under project construction.


*Updated* No password required and fixed broken files.

---> Download Here <---

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Xat Spammer 1.0

Made by Ally and Geek4Ever.

The ID of a chat can be found by going to the source of a website with the chat on it (Right click and hit view source).

Then pressing Ctrl+F while in sources, searching .swf and looking for a number after the swf.

The spammer closes when you try to enter hackpacks chat, due to spammers.

----> Click Here to Download <----

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Forums Need to THRIVE.

We are in need of active forums. If enough of you keep on our forums and be active we'll give out free lab passes, free software and more that we buy with our own money.

Hackpacks is expanding.
The more you help us expand, the more we can do draws and give out free stuff!

Please tell your friends about us.


Friday, August 21, 2009

Forums Back

Ok, our old forum is back and were work REALLY hard on getting it back alive, I shut it down until 5PM EST (8/21/09) so we can work on new look and a few new add-ons. Sorry about the switching it back but we cannot be merged with Darket anymore. The owner decided to be a pain the butt. We will give away lap passes when forum gets back to the most active members, thanks everyone. VISIT FORUM

Monday, August 17, 2009

Computer Account Manager - By Psycho v1

Here it is: Computer Account Manager - By Psycho v1.

I hope you ppl like it and use it well because I spent long time making it :).
It's totally safe, made in C++. It's fully by me, only thing where I needed help was few tutorials and "beta testers".

Download link: Download Computer Account Manager v1

If you have any questions, anything I could improve or ideas, share them with me :).

Monday, August 10, 2009

Vacation Trainers (WarpShot and Fishy!)

I went to my parent's lake house with the family about 5 days ago, and while I was there, I made you guys some "goodies" :P. I've made a WarpShot trainer and a Fishy! Trainer. I've also got a couple comming I was working on but never released them from a LONG time ago.

Fishy Trainer Download Here

WarpShot Trainer Download Here

Saturday, August 8, 2009

SAB Trainer By Geek4Ever

I did not make this I'm just posting it for Geek. It has a login system that Geek uses to track users, if you dont trust him than DONT PUT YOUR SAB USER/PASS! Anyways, yeah another trainer to ruin Xgen have fun!

Download Here

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hackpacks Webbrowser (BETA) - Ally

This is just a little experiment I started.. You need winrar to download this.. Winrar can be found ANYWHERE on google.. So don't get lazy.

Download More Compadible Webbrowser(Less components and features, INSTALL WINSOCK)

Download The Webbrowser Here (With all components and features)

Monday, August 3, 2009

The Next Floor HP BY VMAN (Online)

I was REALLY bored so I found this new game at ArmorGames and it got kinda hard towards the end so I hacked it... Now its pretty pointless, but its still fun to mess around with if your bored. Have fun winning =D


Hackpacks Premium Teaser

Donate $2 monthly with proof for hackpacks premium website access.

All of this was posted in 1 DAYS NOTICE <- Which shows the frequent posting.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

There's SAB Variables at HackPacks Premium!!

Subscribe to HackPack's Premium, theres SAB variables list there!!!

-Click Donate
-After Donating $2.00 Email me at with any kind of information for proof, and give me the email you want to use to sign in to HackPacks Premium

How to subscribe to HackPacks Premium

-Click "Donate" button on top right menu bar [I used donate because this is both safe for me and you, no information gets saved so its secure].
-Once you donated email me at and tell me any info regarding your donation so you have proof.
-Tell me what email you want to use to log-in to HackPacks Premium.

HackPacks Premium link:
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