Thursday, September 24, 2009

Two Territory War online hack V1.0 by me

its my new TWO hack coming out and i hope you like it

Note:if running slowly it wont work!

Download Now!

Hey Guys Its Th3hackz0r With Artillery Tower Trainer

Just Back With A New Trainer Try It Out, You Should See More From Me Soon

Have Fun :)


Monday, September 21, 2009

Talking Robot! Awesome!

Make it swear!
Make it say anything!
Just type in the text in the textbox and hit SPEAK!
If you want you can use the slider to make it talk more than once.

Club Penguin Trainer V1.0 by me

Its mine and a good One Have fun:)

download now!

Extravaganza Variable Scanner

Hi, LTH here, and I've been working on a pretty good VB project for a variable scanner.
Variable scanner is going to be for both AS2 and AS3.
Its not going to be free though, sorry, but I will be giving away a trial version of it.
If anyone is interested in buying it when it's released please comment.
And IDK how I did it, but you can pretty much just resize SAB, without a pirate screen.

The price is probably going to be five dollars, for people who work in CEF or in HackPacks blog, you get it at bargain price of three dollars. The trial is going to be for 5 days only, and trusted people will get a 9 day trial extension to a total of 14 days. I will get some screenshots up and stuff in the next few days. It probably will have some never before seen features in public scanners, at least. Oh well, that's all I gotta say about now.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Club Penguin Trainer by Hacker12

Trainer for CP, I do not take any credit for it, I did not make it all credit goes to Hacker12. I'm just posting it.

Download Here

Thing Thing 4 Trainer

Made By Geek4Ever
Hacks Are The Following:
  1. Health
  2. Speed
  3. Super Jump
  4. Have All Guns
  5. All Guns Full Auto
  6. No Recoil
  7. No Spread
  8. No Delay
  9. No Shake
  10. Infi Ammo
Download Link:

Eternal Red Trainer And Variable Scanner
Hacks Are The Following:
    Wait Time
    All Guns
    No Reload
    No Delay
    Infi Ammo
    Full Auto Guns
    Enemy Speed
    Enemy Spawn Rate
And a good variable scanner with no need to register or a trail version.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Var Scanner From HPPremium (Trial)

Hey, people... I'm offering to anyone who is desperate for an OK var scanner to meet me in the chat or PC me in forums. Forums would be much more reliable, as I might not be online ATM. If you want the var scanner, I will put a trial on it. A trial that limits your time usage to 1 hour per use, and about 5 executions. Every single person will have to agree to these limits to use this. If you want a trial extender, because you want to try it some more, I will allow you to extend the trial TWO times, after which you must suscribe for premium. Removed some of the ads on this thing too. To show you proof, I will post some screenshots:

This has been packed with Themida, so some antiviruses might alert you that this is a virus.
Please trust me that this isn't, because it is simply just encrypted, and packed.
And also, if you don't trust it, don't download it.
If you do not want to suscribe, then PM me, and if you are a trusted companion, I will give you a license good for 60 days, after that you are on your own.

2 Trainers By Geek4Ever

Swords And Sandals II Trainer Full
Enemy Weapon
Enemy Armor
Stat Points
Hero Weapon
Hero Armor

Tower Level
Super Range
One Hit Kill
Free Stuff
Fast Shooting
Current Wave
Total Tokens
Total Gems

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Some Useful Links

Torrents Search Engine (Free Software)
First of all download FlashGet from below, and then you can get free software, BUT BEWARE OF VIRUSES AND SCAN BEFORE YOU OPEN!

Since FlashGet's site is pretty much down, I will post a external download.
FlashGet v3 BETA (32-bit ONLY)
FlashGet v2 (All Computers)
If you do not know what kind of computer you have just use the second link to be safe.

Free Upload And Downloading Site
Visual Basic 6.0 Portable (Smaller file for those of you who want to save disk space)

If you want any other sites talk to me in the chat.
Also, if you want a prank site also get me in the chat ;-)

If you download anything from, it is not my responsibility if you got a virus!!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Flash Empires 3 HP BY VMAN (Online)

I was REALLY bored, so I went on ArmorGames to see if they got anything to kill some time and I found this random game…After a while it got boring so I decided to make a hack for it just for the fun… This hackpack gives you all achievements and everything maxed out… So enjoy… and unlimited money too btw.

Play Here

Friday, September 11, 2009

How to make a Trainer. (Hack)

I get 14 million requests a day on making a trainer, so here is a tutorial.

First of all, we're going to need the games "swf", the movie. Which is basically the game itself not embedded into a website.

To get the .swf, first go to the website or page with the game on it. Such as:

Right click somewhere on the page and select "View Source".

Once inside, you will get a white background with a bunch of lettering.
Press CTRL + F, and a text search bar will appear, as shown below:

Congratulations, you now have the Swf!

There are many things you can do with a swf, but in this tutorial, we're going to make a trainer with Visual Basic 6.0

Open your VB6 (Visual Basic 6.0). A download link will not be provided.

It should come up with various functions, and will prompt you what you want to make, select standard .exe.
Right click on your toolbar on the left side, and select "Components".

Once inside you will get a list of components, scroll down to Shockwave Flash.

This will give you a new tool, which may be a black or white square, depending on your computer.

Click the new tool and drag it across the form. (The grey square.)

Click on the new white box on the form, and on the right, under the option "Movie" on the right side, type your swf.

Get variables from a Flash Decompiler or Scanner, and create buttons.

Once you've created your button, double click on it, and input this coding into the white screen that appears. *Note: Where it says variable is where the actual variable goes, and where it says value is what you want the variable's value to be.* :
Call Shockwaveflash1.Setvariable("variable", "value")

I recommend using SoThink Flash Decompiler located here: Click Here for Sothink Decompiler, use that to get variables. Note that Sothink costs money and that is the trial. (We can crack it for you)

Once you've completed constructing your trainer, press F5 to test it.

After you've completely tested it and you're comfortable with it, at the top left select File > Create .Exe. As shown below:

Once you've made your trainer is made into an exe, you selected where to save it to. Upload it to a file share website, such as MediaFire. Then you can share the download link given to you after uploading it, and show your trainer to everyone.

This tutorial was published completely by Ally (Me), so please don't hesitate to ask me questions about this in the chat box, just make sure that the questions aren't already on the tutorial.

SAB Hack V19

its an awsome hack
screenie: download now

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Thats right, I am posting this because it made my day. Apple has failed on their iCrap Touch 3rd Gen (Also known as iPod Touch), so now I am happy that I pre-ordered the Zune HD and seeing Apple FAIL MISERABLY made me even happier! So get a Zune HD and dont go with iCrap =D, have a great day. MICROSOFT WINS... AGAIN... AND AGAIN... AND AGAIN... Windows 7 + Zune HD = WIN WIN WIN~~~!!!!

Hello Peoplez

Hello people I'm Young Dragon and I'm joining hack packs! I think your aware that i am good at making stick arena ballistick hacks but i make other hacks too. click here to download xat spammer(note: if hack packs flash vars are entered than it will exit!)

this is a good spammer and its set to not crash your computer if it is really slow.

Young Dragon

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

More Mindless Violence Trainer ULTIMATE By Tobi + Level Passcodes

As some of U probably know, I hacked this game before. Now I made an ULTIMATE Trainer for More Mindless Violence, much more better, with much much more stuff than my old trainers had. The updates that are coming are visible, not only for the design, but also for hacks and many other things.
I would suggest U first time to play it without hacks and passcodes because it's a pretty cool game.
Here it is what this trainer contains:
1. Hacks:
- Health
- Ammo
- Kills
- Bug Speed
- Shell Gravity
- Shake (information about it in the trainer)
- Unlock All Guns
- Suicide (almost sure that none of U will use it more than once XD)
2. Force Loading (If the flash isn't loading U can put a functional .swf in it and load it)
3. About (information about the Trainer)
4. Help (all the help U need it's in it)
5. Read Before Using (there are some thing U need to know before using it)
6. Level Passcodes (in case U want to skip levels)
7. It's own cool designed border with other cool designs.

Download Here

Happy Hacking ;)

[Source] Computer Account Manager

If you are interested about that Computer Account Manager source, what I (Psycho) made earlier. It will be here: [Source] Computer Account Manager (Hackpacks Forums)


Friday, September 4, 2009

Some trainers by Olli3

Olli3 is going to be a new poster for HackPack’s.  He’s currently posting stuff on the forum.  I will set up his posting account in a little bit but for now I’ll post for him, I did not make any of these trainers and I DO NOT take any credit for them.

Tank 2007 Trainer – Download

Adventure Quest Trainer V2 – Download (OMG)

PacMan HP BY VMAN (Online)

Thats right! PacMan has been hacked, hahah.  This was a request because as we all know PacMan is virtually unbeatable… This HackPack gives you untimited life and 999999 score so enjoy beating PacMan for the first time in your life… And if you hate PacMan than you got a problem…

Play Here


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