Monday, September 21, 2009

Extravaganza Variable Scanner

Hi, LTH here, and I've been working on a pretty good VB project for a variable scanner.
Variable scanner is going to be for both AS2 and AS3.
Its not going to be free though, sorry, but I will be giving away a trial version of it.
If anyone is interested in buying it when it's released please comment.
And IDK how I did it, but you can pretty much just resize SAB, without a pirate screen.

The price is probably going to be five dollars, for people who work in CEF or in HackPacks blog, you get it at bargain price of three dollars. The trial is going to be for 5 days only, and trusted people will get a 9 day trial extension to a total of 14 days. I will get some screenshots up and stuff in the next few days. It probably will have some never before seen features in public scanners, at least. Oh well, that's all I gotta say about now.


Anonymous said...

u no me can i have a 9 day trial

LoveToHax said...

I'm not done yet, and Kira is helping me with the flash part but TY for reply

Anonymous said...

What? I thought VB doesn't have the ability to make brute force attacks. Hmm does it really cost money?

LoveToHax said...

Its going to be built in flash

info said...

I'd buy it for sure.

Any chance you could give me an update on this project. I'm in real need of a AS3 variable scanner.

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