Tuesday, September 8, 2009

More Mindless Violence Trainer ULTIMATE By Tobi + Level Passcodes

As some of U probably know, I hacked this game before. Now I made an ULTIMATE Trainer for More Mindless Violence, much more better, with much much more stuff than my old trainers had. The updates that are coming are visible, not only for the design, but also for hacks and many other things.
I would suggest U first time to play it without hacks and passcodes because it's a pretty cool game.
Here it is what this trainer contains:
1. Hacks:
- Health
- Ammo
- Kills
- Bug Speed
- Shell Gravity
- Shake (information about it in the trainer)
- Unlock All Guns
- Suicide (almost sure that none of U will use it more than once XD)
2. Force Loading (If the flash isn't loading U can put a functional .swf in it and load it)
3. About (information about the Trainer)
4. Help (all the help U need it's in it)
5. Read Before Using (there are some thing U need to know before using it)
6. Level Passcodes (in case U want to skip levels)
7. It's own cool designed border with other cool designs.

Download Here

Happy Hacking ;)

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