Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Some Useful Links

Torrents Search Engine (Free Software)
First of all download FlashGet from below, and then you can get free software, BUT BEWARE OF VIRUSES AND SCAN BEFORE YOU OPEN!

Since FlashGet's site is pretty much down, I will post a external download.
FlashGet v3 BETA (32-bit ONLY)
FlashGet v2 (All Computers)
If you do not know what kind of computer you have just use the second link to be safe.

Free Upload And Downloading Site
Visual Basic 6.0 Portable (Smaller file for those of you who want to save disk space)

If you want any other sites talk to me in the chat.
Also, if you want a prank site also get me in the chat ;-)

If you download anything from torrentz.com, it is not my responsibility if you got a virus!!!!

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