Tuesday, October 20, 2009

SAB Trainer By Jake

For SAB V1.557


no walls - self-explanatory

god mode - self-explanatory

teleport - quickly spawn exactly at targets location by choosing 1-3 keys on keyboard, can also hold down either key and follow them but be cautious of spawning to different players too quickly/rapid

kick cheat - self-explanatory(patched?)

spam - sends very fast 5 line spam of custom messages while left mouse is down, useful against other cheaters or against those with high ping

weapons - choose weapon using function keys on keyboard F1-F12 and num 0

invulnerable mode - a type of god mode with option to turn on/off using ESC key on keyboard

no ads - self-explanatory

anti-boot/updates - must be clicked in order for cheats to work/enabled and prevents being booted from game, checks for update

aimbot - targets closest enemy and has an accuracy problem while moving but very minimal, 100% accuracy while not moving at all, will not aim at dead players, USE ARROW KEYS for better accuracy

suicide - this will cause you to respawn with full health without a kill recorded

I click "Download Now!" on Plunder, why does it take me to another page with no download?
-Plunder has an advertisement that says "Download Now", you have to click on "Download" below that to start the download. EXAMPLE:

No don't click on the picture go to the download link and do this -.-

Here's the download:
100% credits to Jake, I didn't do any of it.

This has been patched by XGen! :(

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