Monday, November 30, 2009

SAB Anniversary Trainer


-Lots of awesome hacks

Explanation of hotkeys:
-F1 turn on/off godmode
-F2 low speed hack (only a little faster)
-F3 rank hack
-F4 no more spinner (stealth mode)
-F5 rig out your stats
-F6 fake labpass
-F7 walk through walls
-F8 force load with confirmation
-F9 credits!
-F10 name changer

When you turn on godmode, you can no longer pick up weapons, so please grab a weapon and then turn on godmode (you can turn it off) or turn on godmode, but turn it off quickly to get a weapon.
I left out some useless hacks because I felt like it.
And if it isn't loading you don't have x.swf with you.
Most of these are just fake hacks, only three are really useful.
Name hack is useful if you change your name to skye and mess with people in the lobby ;)
Oh and if the hotkeys aren't working, you need to click on one of the buttons first and then start hitting hotkeys.

Download Link:
Download Mirror 1
Download Mirror 2

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