Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cracking Down on Spammers

Ok... Here is the new method to crack down on spammers...
If there is no mod on most of the time, I'm gonna be pissed and scream at the mods that are supposed to be on...
I'm probably going to demote a few mods... Ones who aren't coming on as often...
Plus, when the mods are on they are all on at the same time.
So... Here it is... My plan...

1) Spammers will be banned by six hours by a mod and then notified to an owner who will ban them for 21 days...
(If I'm angry, it will be like 1 month)

2) All GHT members will be left as GUESTS so they cannot post links or disrupt the chat.

3) NO SPAMMING AUDIES! You can place ONE AUDIE per TWENTY MINUTES! (Ban for 2 months because it is very annoying)

4) Flaming = ban for 1 week

5) Don't ask stupid questions and try to do some things using Google... I will understand if you need help with something hard but most easy things can be found over google...

6) Mods need to be on at least 3 hours a week (Unless you notify me of vacation time)

7) HackPacks authors are automatically mods after being here for 1 month

8) Just think before you do anything >_>

9) You can "post bail" with xat days/xats... 1 day/15 xats = one less day of ban-time and you can reduce your ban time only by up to 3/4ths... (3 weeks = up to 15 days)

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