Monday, January 4, 2010

Stick Arena Ballistic Trainer V3.5 By Darksith219

NEW Stick Arena Ballistic Trainer V3.5(Unpatchable) By Darksith219 !!! This Trainer Was Made In Vb2008 So Might Not Work On Some People's Computers (made it in vb2008 because vb6 wasn't working tongue.gif, I Hope Ill Get Vb6 Up And Running SOON!) Very cool and fun to play with. Here's the hacks it has:
Rampage (New)
RADAR! (New)
Speed hack
Name hack
Rank hack
Wall hack
Max out stats
Force load
Reload SWF
Have Fun Hacking With The New SAB Trainer V3.5 By Darksith219!

Credits To LoveToHax And YoungDragon For Helping Me With Somthings.
V4 Coming Soon To A Trainer Near You XD
10% Creds To LTH For Helping me with SOMTHING...
P.S If You Want To Contact Me You Can At


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hey man it worked for like 5 minutes once i got into the game and got a round going it had to shut donw and i tried redownloading it and it wolnt run now ive extracted all files and still nothing

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