Friday, January 1, 2010

Will Not Be Online

Just notifying you guys I will not be online until the 16th of January, 2010.
I have moved into a different place...
Oh and I'm getting Comcast and the earliest installation date was the 16th...
I'm stealing Internet off of my neighbors with my iTouch currently.
I do not have a wireless adapter, so I cannot do this with my computer.
After I get Comcast I'm going to get 16 mbps down speed and about 3 mbps up speed.
That means I'm going to start posting large files for game hacks (such as Counter Strike) and will be updating very frequently.
Please note these hacks will be from other hack sites and may have advertisements.
I have not yet learned memory editing and cannot make hacks for nonflash games.
I will also be creating a large database for hacks, etc.
So here is the notification.
When I come back I expect FULL reports on what happened while I was gone.
Misbehaving will not be tolerated.
Immediate demotion for mods who feel urges to piss people off.
I will ban spammers and flamers for half a year when I come back.
If anyone needs to notify me email me at:

Don't spam me or you get blocked.
I have hooked up push notifications to my iTouch for that email so I will get back to you in that email by less than 3 days.

Thanks for reading.

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