Saturday, February 6, 2010

Generation T.W.O. Perfection

My latest Territory War trainer. (Ally)
I decided since I haven't been posting trainers for a while, I'd release another.

I fixed the movie width and height so it works perfectly now. You don't need to use 1.5 now for you T.W.O. lovers.

Download Here (Plunder)

Mirror (MediaFire)

Video on Reload Hack:

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Its really awesome!I was a lil bit annoyed that you cant use grenades but everything else is perfect.Well almost perfect because when you do infinitive kick the games freezes and noone can move,just chat and draw/leave.Also i still enjoy Instant win option after a long match or just to punish an arrogant noob.Good work ally!The only problem is that noone knows that this trainer exists because noone has noticed it yet.Very few links can get you here and you have to register to get it.If you could make a hack with infinitive ammo and add it to this one the world would be more than thankful :)!(just imagine what it would be like a line of destructive missiles!)

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