Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Sorry for my brief going away. I'm back. BTW, i would appreciate if i had more days then what i have now april 7 2010: 10. :LTH forgot to mention killor went too and psycho. Anyways..... Now, time to get the site back online. If we can get another site administrator, we can fix up the site and get the site WAY better. I'm sorry to tell you that my internet will be disconnected for another long time. I will try to post a little and hack a little but it will be hard to store important information. Hey HackPacks, We own. Our new modo:

Hey PPL, We Hack, We Own, We win, if you don't like us, forget you.

P.S. I think LTH should get admin on the site so he can edit the website.

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