Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Some Q&A --- VMAN

Hello everybody, this is Vman, yes I'm still alive, I did not quit, and I didn't forget about the site. Now questions and answers time...?

Why did I stop working?
--People dont appreciate the work anymore

Is the site for sale?
--No the site is not for sale, the domain will stay active

Will you start making hackpacks again?
--Yes I will

I need to get everybody teamed up again and we need to take on a lot of stuff and catch up, many thanks to Ally, and LTH... they've been with me from the beginning and they're still there.


Ally said...

Sorry about it. Was the only way I could contact you without using my email, because my email was blacklisted..

VMAN said...

email me ally, ill give u my phone number so u can text me whenever

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