Friday, June 11, 2010

Tobi: I'm still with you guys ;)

That's right, I'm still posting on this site even if I started to post more on my own blog. Allot of our members left and even betrayed us, Vman and I know best, that's why we had to take major decisions. I finished my exams and since the summer is here I'll have more time to post. That's why I must tell u all that I have allot of plans for my projects and make sure u won't miss any of them because now I have more experience in programming than ever and far more interesting projects. I barely remember last time I saw Vman, but I knew he will come back, that's why I still posted here.
Since I'll post allot more, I would recommend you all to bookmark my Plunder account and visit it more often, more better daily to make sure not to miss a project ;)

HERE IS MY PLUNDER ACCOUNT (visit it daily to make sure not to miss a thing)

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