Monday, September 6, 2010


Yesh, I've finally made a Flash Game Trainer in C#(Csharp) and I want you guys to try out my Beta version, it only has 3 hacks, it's not huge or anything it's just written in another language. Please download this and give me feedback.
Ty ~ Pain

Download Now! (UppIT)

P.S Also, quick note you need Winrar, Winzip or 7zip you extract this.

P.S.S. Ally, you just broke your own rule. XD

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Authors are only supposed to be posting trainers/hackpacks or anything in that category. There's also the allowance of informative posts to inform the blog about a future event that relates to hackpacks' purpose.

92Garfield's SAB Trainer

Quoted directly from 92Garfield.
All credits go to him.

Completly remade aim-bot, doesn't use mouse cursor anymore.

Add me on facebook:
(Alright, it's Jon Arbuckle)

You have to unpack the trainer for it to work.
Get winrar here.

Move at constant speed (with any weapon) using JKLI keys
switch weapons with Q/U for previous and E/O for next
Instant Respawn
teleport to cursor with middle mouse/mouse wheel click

And anti boot:
no inactivity kick
no FPS kick
no Ping kick
and hopefully no votekick
always active

Also kill hack
others in menu bar opens up to 3 other SAB windows, players there have low HP and respawn instantly close to player in main window.

barely visible credits to me, no obfuscation, it's the "2.swf"
Menu: Radar->on

Aimbot improved (thanks bmanatee) and much better accuracy for close combat.
-Does not aim at dead people
-Does not aim at people who left
-Doesnt use mouse cursor (you may use it as you wish)
-Does also work when game is resized or minimized
-to choose enemy to aim at use CTRL to toggle auto/off use C
-when set to auto (default/RECOMMENDED) it aims at closest player

Aimhelp, when activated drags your cursor to a player when it's close, but can easily dragged away. (toggle with V as stated)

Killbot (see video)
Teleports you to chosen player or when switched to auto, to first player who is in game and not dead (recommended option).
Click to toggle: Auto, enemy1, enemy2, enemy3, off, auto, ...
-------->auto (RECOMMENDED)
New options menu to lock weapon/choose victim/disable hotkeys

Vid: (latest) (old) (old)

I'm trying to reproduce the error reported by a few people, which is most likely caused by not extracting the .rar file, still I'm testing on different PC/Laptops with different OS.
It worked for:
Windows XP Professional (My computer)
Windows XP Home (School computer)
Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit (Zexro)
Windows VISTA Ultimate 32bit (Zexro's sis)
Windows VISTA Home Premium (youngdragons)

MSINET.OCX related error appeared on new school computers (Windows 7 professional), included fix for the error now.

Download link:

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

K3nny's Universal

Ever wanted a trainer for a game, but you couldn't find one and you were too lazy to make it? With a universal trainer, all you have to do is find the .swf for the game you want to hack, and get the variables. No programming needed.




(I have made some updates and changes to the universal, so if you already downloaded, download it again.)

Reality SAB Trainer (1.0) BETA

I've made my first 'Reality Trainer', beta tester. I decided to come up with this name because I want you guys to hack real. Lol, that may sound crazy, okay scratch that I just like the damn name okay? So fuck you if you don't like it. (just kidding) These "Reality" Trainers are supposed to be better remakes of current trainers that I have made, like GUI etc. Mostly just making the GUI 'Cooler' or 'Better', that said I want you to give me feedback on this BETA tester, this is a SAB trainer, so I hope you SAB cheaters have fun. ~ Pain ;)
P.S Please note, I will be taking request from users for various flash games, just p/c (Private Chat) me in the Chatbox. Kthxbai.
P.S.S Credits : YoungDragon, 92OrangeCat(92Garfield).

Download Now! (UppIT)

Re: Plunder

Instead of downloading ad block on fire fox, which wastes space... You can disable javascript on your browser and easily pass the surveys.

Why NOT to use plunder!

First off, I'd like to thank our members for continually using HackPacks over the years.

Reasons NOT to use plunder:
1) Inconvenient for the downloader.
2) If you wish to earn money use they pay more for the same surveys. ($0.25 to $5.00 per download)
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(No don't fucking put CPALead on this website or I'm gonna kill you)
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ONLY WORKS FOR FIREFOX! This is why firefox is better than chrome :P

Giving Free EXTREMELY RARE Tools

First I wanna tell all of you that it sure is worth taking those surveys, most of them are free and u can always choose what survey u want to complete cause it's optional, especially the fact that most of them are free and u will get some of the rarest and some of them unique tools. This will have its own system and I already started with this. Here how's the system works:

Step 1. Go to my plunder account. Go Here
Step 2. Choose one of my uploaded projects which says "Premium Content" and asks for a survey.
Step 3. Complete one of the surveys on the box to unlock the file and then download it.
Step 4. Reply on this post the exact time and date u downloaded the file after u completed it, so this way I will know who made it. Also my account tells me the exact time of a finished survey so that's why u must reply here.

There are 4 types of tools. Each ones better than others. Depending on many surveys u made, u will get "survey points" ONLY on my forum. Each survey and download means 1 point. And the "redemption" will more like a shop system. The more survey points, the better tools.


1st type of tools - some pretty good tools, also rare and very helpful - 10 survey points required
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Since this way we all can track your survey activity through this topic, when u have enough points u can post a reply on what type of tools u want redeem and I shall send a private message with the chosen tools.

There won't be any points cancellations. And also, no complains will be accepted. And then again, it sure is worth it. I wish u all good luck :)

Stick Arena Ballistick Sound Effects and Music

I took the liberty of extracting all music and sound effects from Stick Arena Ballistick. Also credits go to Xgen Studios and I'm not responsible for the use of content or for any inconvenience caused by the use of the content. Enjoy ;)

Download Here
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