Sunday, September 5, 2010

92Garfield's SAB Trainer

Quoted directly from 92Garfield.
All credits go to him.

Completly remade aim-bot, doesn't use mouse cursor anymore.

Add me on facebook:
(Alright, it's Jon Arbuckle)

You have to unpack the trainer for it to work.
Get winrar here.

Move at constant speed (with any weapon) using JKLI keys
switch weapons with Q/U for previous and E/O for next
Instant Respawn
teleport to cursor with middle mouse/mouse wheel click

And anti boot:
no inactivity kick
no FPS kick
no Ping kick
and hopefully no votekick
always active

Also kill hack
others in menu bar opens up to 3 other SAB windows, players there have low HP and respawn instantly close to player in main window.

barely visible credits to me, no obfuscation, it's the "2.swf"
Menu: Radar->on

Aimbot improved (thanks bmanatee) and much better accuracy for close combat.
-Does not aim at dead people
-Does not aim at people who left
-Doesnt use mouse cursor (you may use it as you wish)
-Does also work when game is resized or minimized
-to choose enemy to aim at use CTRL to toggle auto/off use C
-when set to auto (default/RECOMMENDED) it aims at closest player

Aimhelp, when activated drags your cursor to a player when it's close, but can easily dragged away. (toggle with V as stated)

Killbot (see video)
Teleports you to chosen player or when switched to auto, to first player who is in game and not dead (recommended option).
Click to toggle: Auto, enemy1, enemy2, enemy3, off, auto, ...
-------->auto (RECOMMENDED)
New options menu to lock weapon/choose victim/disable hotkeys

Vid: (latest) (old) (old)

I'm trying to reproduce the error reported by a few people, which is most likely caused by not extracting the .rar file, still I'm testing on different PC/Laptops with different OS.
It worked for:
Windows XP Professional (My computer)
Windows XP Home (School computer)
Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit (Zexro)
Windows VISTA Ultimate 32bit (Zexro's sis)
Windows VISTA Home Premium (youngdragons)

MSINET.OCX related error appeared on new school computers (Windows 7 professional), included fix for the error now.

Download link:

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