Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Reality SAB Trainer (1.0) BETA

I've made my first 'Reality Trainer', beta tester. I decided to come up with this name because I want you guys to hack real. Lol, that may sound crazy, okay scratch that I just like the damn name okay? So fuck you if you don't like it. (just kidding) These "Reality" Trainers are supposed to be better remakes of current trainers that I have made, like GUI etc. Mostly just making the GUI 'Cooler' or 'Better', that said I want you to give me feedback on this BETA tester, this is a SAB trainer, so I hope you SAB cheaters have fun. ~ Pain ;)
P.S Please note, I will be taking request from users for various flash games, just p/c (Private Chat) me in the Chatbox. Kthxbai.
P.S.S Credits : YoungDragon, 92OrangeCat(92Garfield).

Download Now! (UppIT)

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